~Patricia A. Picou~

Patricia A. Marchand and J. Steven Picou were married on September 4, 1965. Since their wedding Pat and Steve have spent the last forty-two years working together on hundreds of grants and contracts in the areas of management, accounting, education, disasters and community change. Pat attended Louisiana State University and Texas A&M University. She has held administrative, accounting and clerical positions in the private sector, Louisiana State University, Texas A&M University and the University of South Alabama. Pat has served as Contracts and Grants Administrator for the Texas A&M Agriculture Experiment station, Grants Administrator for the Department of Structural and Cellular Biology, Medical School, the University of South Alabama and Field Research Coordinator on numerous community research projects.






In addition to her accounting expertise in the areas of contracts, grants and the mortgage, title and insurance business, Pat has extensive experience in the administration and collection of survey and research data. These activities include conducting group interviews in the educational setting, serving as a pro bono data coordinator, accountant and staff member for several years of on-site field work in rural communities in Alaska and conducting personal interviews in contaminated communities in Florida and Tennessee. Pat also has expertise and experience for the preparation of research proposals, the writing of research reports and the organization of presentations for both private and public sector corporations and agencies.

Pat and Steve have two children, Chantelle D. Kubat and John G. Picou and two grandchildren, Kylee Anne Kubat and Saxon John Picou. They continue to work collaboratively on a number of on-going research projects and private sector contracts.