John and Saxon Easter 2012


Peer Listener Training at LSU in July, 2010


Duane and Steve at Childs Glacier, Cordova, AK

Kylee at Sierra Grande, New Mexico

Paw- Paw, Kylee and Saxon in Breckenridge


Kylee and Great Grandma Collen

Fun in Denver

Tennis Anyone?

Sunset at the House

Ice Cream Party in Breckenridge

Saxon, Maw-Maw and Kylee

Kylee and Maw-Maw in Air Force Academy Chapel

Popsciles for Saxon and Kylee

Fun In Monroe With Ron and Cecelia

Dinner at Ruth Chris

Kylee Riding a Longhorn Steer, Forth Worth, TX

Backyard Golf Match

Kylee and a Tiger

Bonnie, Pat and Becky: Ready for a Day of Sailing

Annual Fall Visitor to Our Backyard

Tim, Steve, Damian and John: Pale Moon Rising


Rick catches a Halibut


One of Many Waterfalls in the Sound


Humpback Whale Dives in Prince William Sound


Cormorants Catch a Ride on an Iceberg


Steve and Rick Studying the Valdez Spill, April 2009


Steve and Pat in Prince William Sound, April 2009


Researching the Exxon Valdez: PSU Executive Seminar in Prince William Sound


Playing at Rusty McHugh Memorial, Flora-Bama April 2009


Researching Katrina : Working Group in New Orleans, April, 2009


Catching Redfish off of Orange Beach, 2006


Catching Redfish off of Orange Beach, 2006


Catching Redfish off of Orange Beach, 2006


Catching Redfish off of Orange Beach, 2006


Dennis Lands Another Bull Red, 2006


Pat and Steve at 2008 Dean's Lecture

2008 Dean's Lecture

Keynote Speaker Award, Alaska Forum on the Environment, 2009


Native Chevak Dancer,
Alaska Forum on the Environment,
Anchorage Alaska 2009


Kai Erikson, Shirley Laska and Steve at ASA Meetings, Boston 2008


Mark, Ricky, Steve, Rusty, Nick & Larry.
The Rusty McHugh Band in New Orleans, 2005.


John, Saxon and Drew, Christmas 2008


Grandson Saxon Fast Asleep


Lola Becky and Lola Pat at Charity Fundraiser, Flora-Bama, 2008


Sunset Over Small Boat Harbor, Cordova AK, 2008


Bud and Dan Go Down the Road, Cordova AK, October 2008


The Rusty McHugh Tribute Band, Gulf Shores, 2008


Grand Daughter Kylee - She is a Mermaid!


Kylee and Maw-Maw having Summer Fun, 2008


Kylee and Paw-Paw, in the Pool



The Lolas Arrive at the Picou Home



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